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Figures is only for businesses for now

Hi ,
You mentioned you were interested in using Figures to benchmark your own compensation. We don't blame you for wondering if you're paid fairly!
Unfortunately, we don't yet allow for anyone to sign up to assess their own salary. We operate under a subscription model and our software is used by company founders, department heads as well as People and Finance teams to evaluate their company's compensation as a whole.
If you're keen on ensuring the people at are being paid fairly, we'd strongly recommend that you and your co-workers discuss Figures with your company's management or the People / HR team.
Companies which are more transparent about compensation decisions benefit from more engaged staff and improved retention, lower pay inequalities as well as higher offer acceptance rates when recruiting.
Hopefully we can get your company on board soon! đŸ€ž

Want to make fairer, better-informed compensation decisions?

Give us the email of whoever is responsible for compensation policy at your company and we'll reach out to tell them about Figures. We won't mention you!